Walking In Authority And Power

Most Christians love the Lord, and they believe that God can do anything, and they are constantly approaching god, thinking that they can’t do anything; they are asking God, would you stretch forth your hand and heal this person or heal my marriage, not realizing that God has equipped them with all the authority and power to work out their own salvation; with this mentality, the church has passively accepted the deception of the Devil. Because the Church doesn’t have a revelation of the authority they have in Christ, they are always begging god to get the Devil off of their backs, when Jesus has stripped the Devil of all his authority and power and to go further, before Jesus ascended on high at the right hand of God, he said, All authority and power has been given to me, and then He delegated that authority to the Church to preach the gospel, to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons. And as the Church obeys, Jesus will work with them to confirm the word with signs following. Jesus said, If you ask or demand anything in my name, I will do it; because Jesus said He will do it, that takes the pressure off the Church; therefore, go boldly where you haven’t gone before, demonstrate the power of God and exercise
your God given authority over the forces of evil and glorify the father through the Son!